Superman gravity

Still wished it was Henry Cavill

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Páginas de Hotel Harbour View de Natsuo Sekikawa y Jiro Taniguchi. Tenéis una reseña de esta obra aquí mismo

The slowest bullet in history. I should homage this in Pretty Deadly.

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You didn’t think I’d risk losing the battle for Gotham’s soul in a fistfight with you? No.

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And I should note that in related news, Frank Cho—pretty much only known for drawing SEXY LADY comics and some Avengers stuff with naked Robot Janet Van Dyne and Tigra—decided to redraw Dark Knight Returns with this new narration because he thinks that Superman cries too much and is, well, [misogynistic epiphet].

You guys, I can’t deal with this.

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Finally, I can present you my little comic ‘Hearts for Sale’. These are the first 10 pages.
I’m very nervous about this since it’s my first self-published book. I hope you like the story. Following pages are coming soon!

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Last part of my comic ‘Hearts for Sale’
Read Part 1/ Part 2
This might not be what you expected. I’m sorry to keep a lot of questions unanswered. I hope you can fill in the gaps for yourself.

How did you like my story? What do you think it all means? Please do share your experiences and thoughts, I would love to hear them! I have three different theories myself and if you want I can make a post collecting all theories? Thank you for all your support! Your lovely messages are a huge motivation to me!
A printed version will be available soon. (See here for more information)

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